Codiceicona re-edit and produces fine objects from the best design masters of 20th century

Giuseppe Cormio / Bugia 1975

Bugia, in the etymology of the Algerian city Bougie, renowned for the quality of its wax, evokes a candle flame, the lumen, evocative, nomadic light source, very small in size, easily transferred from place to place. The protagonist each night in the home when darkness looms, a sentinel in different areas of family life. Now it indicates the fixture that, fulfilling its primary function as a light source, is also capable of denying in part its presence, by the dynamic action of the form, as required and taking into account the diverse needs of those who intend to use it fully or who prefer the momentary absence so as not to disturb others at rest. The final project, ideal bedside lamp. The design by Giuseppe Cormio goes far beyond the transformation of essential structural values by interpreting them as simple and elegant, sharing the whole.
The metal cap appears as if suspended, hovering, hinged to the base support, making up the adjustable gradual inclination system which allows the orientation of the beam of light best suited to the situation.
With Bugia, I tried to represent a technical function essential to the finalisation of the fixture, in the most persuasive and effective aesthetic form”. 

During his studies at Milan Polytechnic, where he graduated in Architecture in 1969, Giuseppe Cormio worked in the office of urban planner Ambrogio Brusa. He then started his professional career, devoting himself to residential, both new construction and renovations of existing units.
He designed interior furnishings for domestic use as well as offices. He was charged by noted groups with the creation of installations at the Fiera di Milano. These included Plast in 1994 and 1997. In 1985 he published “The House Without Barriers”, a study realized in Finland and Norway on the theme of disability, together with other collaborators. In the ‘70s, he designed lamps and objects for important companies in particular sectors. Bugia, from 1975, was reissued in 2018 by Codiceicona, a timeless representation of a justified gratifying function.


Decio G.R. Carugati

Giuseppe Cormio