Codiceicona re-edit and produces fine objects from the best design masters of 20th century

Giancarlo Piretti / Plia 1969

“I was thinking of creating a folding chair, where the dynamics of opening and closing of the rotating parts could be solved with a single joint, and also thinking of the seat and back stamped from a transparent plastic sheet on a structure of very thin steel tubes.” Giancarlo Piretti had in mind a theorem, which he intended to demonstrate: the joint as the fulcrum of action declares or negates the composition of the seat, and in action alternately achieves both forms, open for use, closed for storage. Fifty years after his first fortunate intuition, the designer affirms, with exquisite irony, to not yet have fully proven the theorem. This is because, while there is still much interest in the chair in markets all over in the world, he intends to work on the update, leaving the unmistakable dynamic configuration unchanged and, collaborating with Codiceicona, reworking the concept according to technological opportunity and the most up- to-date materials for a more consistent emotional development of the function represented. The special edition, dedicated to the historic anniversary, with the texture designed and signed by the author, inaugurates the irrefutable milestone, the new season in collaboration with Codiceicona.

That, the signature of Piretti, shown on every chair to be produced, will be the guarantee of the research, study, the eclectic elitist intended use confirming the impossibility of exhausting the demonstrability of the Plia theorem. Along with Plia, a symbol of universal success, there are also systems, designed by Piretti over the years that confirm without pretence his extraordinary ideative ability. The exemplary Piretti Collection, presented directly by the same author at the 1988 Chicago Neocon: 50 different models based on a patented mechanism that regulates the tension of the backrest in relation to the weight of the person seated. Marketed by various licensees in the world, in 1990 the Collection received the Asid award (USA), in 1991 the Compasso d’Oro and in 1992 the G Mark (Japan).

Giancarlo Piretti