Codiceicona re-edit and produces fine objects from the best design masters of 20th century

Roberto Fiorato / Mir

Very close to modular development, the device pays tribute, with the borrowed name Mir, to the Russian Space Station configuration of 1986. It has no definite form, in fact it changes according to input that determines the appearance.

As fulcrum of a represented explosion, Mir first declares its raison d’etre as functional light source. Then, like vector rays, rods of different lengths converge, creating illumination according their spacing. Roberto Fiorato therefore excludes, in the design intent, the general pursued respect for themes that have characterized the more intense years of the space epic, generating often unavoidable purely decorative trends.

He captures instead the essence of that highly suggestive climate, re-proposing the appeal with the aid of advanced technology. This, by virtue of the fact that, in its particular scope of action he intends and has always intended design as justification and development of form and function.

Acquiring in the field in-depth knowledge of construction techniques, from casting to sheet metal work and glass moulding. Knowledge that informs his current role as Head of Design for Performance in Lighting Group as well as his collaboration, past and present, with international design players like Walter de Silva to studios of designers such as Joe Colombo, Cini Boeri, De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi, Ettore Sottsass, Macchi Cassia for the reissue of historic exemplary models.


In 2018, Codiceicona edited Mir ready-made climates and cultures reinterpreted by Roberto Fiorato in the most current aesthetic and formal values.

Roberto Fiorato