Codiceicona re-edit and produces fine objects from the best design masters of 20th century

Luciano Baldessari / Luminator Barcellona 1929

It appeared as a dynamic form, anthropomorphic, like a ballerina at the stand of Italian fabrics at the Expo in Barcelona in 1929. Luminator is a protagonist on the scene, usable in very different contexts. Here Luciano Baldessari reconfirmed his extraordinary inventiveness, passing from the hybrid manikin concept to that of the object that best represents synthesis, regardless of intended use.
Demonstrating how his actions on project informs the intention, with the choice of those alphabets that best can reify, from time to time, the vision that is part of him, of participation, of sharing of emotion.
An emotion that still endures today and makes Luminator a necessary presence, indispensable, symbol of a proven energy called light.

In 2018, Codiceicona undertook the reissue and marketing, updating the premise while preserving intact the aesthetic form.
A chrome-plated extruded aluminium cylinder is mounted on ball bearings that allow rotation, an inverted cone, white, and red or black rotating arm are the simple components of the structure. The dancer who still stands today in any scene, in the magical reified vision of Luciano Baldessari, is emotion.

Decio G.R.Carugati

Luciano Baldessari