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Badano 1954

Franco Albini used to say: “The real materials of the project are air and light”, in fact he preferred to remove elements from his project rather than add them. This vision is evident in the simple design of the “Badano” table from 1954, where air and light pass through the table legs, creating an object with essential and elegant lines.

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Franco Albini’s style confirms the rigour of his method where the utilisation of technological processes reinforces the coherence and rationality of the synthesis pursued. Since 1949, with the furnishing of the Pirovano refuge in Cortina, he and the brothers Ezio and Roberto Poggi, artisans from Pavia, showed their intention in the production excellence of every single object, beginning with the choice of materials, primarily wood for furniture treated during open pore finishing. 

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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 75 cm

Circular table in ash wood


Made in Italy